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The Latest With Ludlum!

The Latest With Ludlum!

‍July 2024 |

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Lounging With Ludlums

Future Webinars, and their information, will be posted and updated here!

From The Trenches

One of the most common service problems is the maladjustment of the detector high voltage setting. We receive many calls from users who have attempted to trouble-shoot their instrument with a "high Impedance" voltmeter. This usually results with the problem of not being able to adjust the high voltage above 450 V. The reason for this problem is the "high impedance" voltmeter typically has an 11 MΩ output impedance and will overload on resistive loads below 60 MΩ. Read more here!

Calibration Training 

Our intensive two day training course covering
calibration of Ludlum manufactured instruments is still going on! Click here for more information and see below for upcoming training dates.


May 11-12 (Knoxville)

June 8-9 (Sweetwater)

July 13-14 (Knoxville)


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