Slug Sample Monitors

Ludlum offers two sample counters for measuring the radioactive content of slug samples.

Automated Conveyor Feed
Model 2100

M2100_front view

Ludlum has developed an automated gamma sample counter designed to check steel slug samples.  This system incorporates a lead-shielded NaI(Tl) detector, conveyor, and controller to facilitate a fully automated process.  A backlit, color LCD touch screen presents the results and allows configuring the system parameters.  The unit includes an Ethernet port for real-time reporting and two USB ports for connecting external ID input devices.  The monitoring process is fully automated.  Once a sample is loaded onto the inlet conveyor, built-in sensors automatically activate the conveyor, which delivers the sample to the detector system.  Following the count, the source is automatically conveyed until it falls off the conveyor into a storage container (not supplied).

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Manual Feed
Model 2100-1
M2100-1_front view

This sample changer is identical to the Model 2100 (above) with the exception that it has a manually operated sample drawer in lieu of the automated conveyor system.

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